Jap night after Japfest

With the weather looking better and the nights getting longer, show season has well and truly started. This is the second meet since the £2 charge has been introduced and much like the last one, it did put off some cars.

That being said the crowd was good and atmosphere was a relaxed one. Bass stream radio provided music which added to the night. Admittedly it wasn’t the busiest Japnight I’ve been to but I enjoyed it none the less.


No Jap meet would be complete without a decent showing of MX5’s, and there were some nice mk1’s on show. But for me it was Honda for the win.


This mega clean CRX caught my eye, there is something about the CRX that I just find bit more appealing than the Civic EK9. I don’t know if it’s just because you tend to see less of them or that it’s just a unique shape. Aero up front, flat at the back.


Speaking of Civic EK9s this was a prime example. When it comes to Honda’s they are a cult classic and you can see why. They just look so aggressive. But what really stole the night for me was this Swift.


The wrap and smoothing, combined with what I am assuming is air ride (because that front bumper is looking too clean to be strictly static), comes together to make this an impressive car. Personally I think the Suzuki Swift is a good choice for a first car to modify. It has the low insurance group and I just prefer it over the Yaris. Having driven a Yaris and not enjoyed it, I feel it has tainted my overall view of them.

And here is just one more Civic EK for you.


On the whole, this Jap Night wasn’t as busy as I would of hoped but it was a good night. I know there was a separate meet at the overflow near Xscape last time. But for the sake of £2 I would much prefer to go to a meet where I don’t have to worry about the police turning up and having music and food/drink.

The one good thing about the smaller crowd is that they are Jap enthusiasts, which has changed the dynamic of the meet for the better.

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