UK Custom Mods Blue Lagoon Meet

With the glorious weather this weekend, it was all cars and sun burn at the Blue Lagoon meet. Unfortunately I didn’t get chance to go over, which is an absolute shame because looking at the photos, I have to say it is the most scenic car meet I’ve ever seen.



Much like Squires cafe meets, I think hosting meets on private land not only makes life easier with the police, it is usually attached to a cafe. Which is always handy. The turn out was great and from what I’ve seen and heard it was really great meet. I will definitely be heading over to the next one. Here are a few photos of what we missed;



18136162_1874456766141678_827633461_nOn a slightly different note, UK Customs Mods Garage launch was postponed at the weekend due to the garage being broken into. It is such a shitty thing to do to any business, let alone one that is just starting out. Apparently there have been a few break ins in industrial units around the Castleford area. So if you do have any information, please contact Chloe from UK Custom Mods.


UK Custom Mods;

Photo credit: Blue Beetle – Matty Royston (Yorkshire motors)


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