Mix Up Meet

So last weekend, I made it over to the Redbeck Cafe in Wakefield for the Mix up meet. Hosted by the Pre 94 Classic Car Club, Toxic Dubs and Dub Rats. The drive over was immense, had a rather spirited run through the winding country roads on the way there.


Rocking up and being greeted by Iron man and Gotham City Patrol cars was a nice touch. What really got me though was the variety of cars on show, while there was 3 groups hosting one event it worked. The Pre 94 classics out front and the Dubs in the back.


There were some fantastic american cars on show and those big blocks just sound so good.


The whole event was very chilled and felt extremely family friendly. All the car owners were more than happy to chat about there cars and even as JDM fan boy I was made to feel welcome.


The dubs on show ranged from Caddys right through to the campers. There were some extremely clean examples such as this Bmw.


To some more unique cars, this ratted Star Wars tribute car is impressive. The effort that has gone in to is extremely commendable. But after spending weeks trying to combat rust on my own car, this one would defiantly have my bottom flapping when it came to the MOT.


I have to mention this Seat, the wrap was so well done. I had to have a double take with it, I would say the jury is still out on this car. It is different and something I’ve not seen before. And it might no be finished, but if it was my car the next mod would be suspension and then maybe look at swapping out the plastic grills for ratted metal ones.


For me, this was a great meet to go to and what was brilliant to see, was members of the Toxic dubs cleaning up the odd bit of rubbish that had been left. It shows a great respect for venue and what type of group they are. Friendly, helpful and just all round nice people.

If you get the chance to go one their meets, I’d take it.

We have moved to a new site www.lonelydriverclub.com


Toxic Dubs


Pre 94 Classic car Club




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