Modified To Cure Bank Holiday meet

Modified to Cure is one of the newest groups to launch this year. What makes MTC different is its purpose, it has been set up to show the general public we are good people and raise some money for a good cause.

While I would agree that there is a lot of car groups springing up on Facebook, I don’t think it is fair to dismiss Modified to Cure. To say they held their first meet on Bank Holiday Monday, after a packed Twisted Torque meet in Hudds. The turn out was impressive.


What was nice about this meet was the diversity, there was literally something for everyone’s taste. From old school to Euro to down right insane. Out of the cars there, I have to mention the blue Beetle, after chatting with owner for a bit I started to appreciate the work that had gone in to the project so far. He’s had the floor pan replaced as well as few other bits to keep on the road.


These super clean looking Bmw’s.


And the often overlooked Vento, I have to say when it comes to mk3’s. I’d choose the Vento over the Golf. For me the more rounded font end seems to look better on a saloon.


Sticking with the VAGS this air ride Golf that had attention to detail that didn’t stop with the waxing.


Just look at that boot install.


Now it’s not often, a Corsa gets my attention. Well, not for the right reasons anyway. But this one, you definitely heard it before you saw it. For such a small car it is an impressive build, unfortunately I didn’t get chance to talk the owner so I don’t have any specs for you. But judging by the intercooler on the front, I’m guessing it has a fair few ponies under that bonnet.


With the success of this meet, there is sure to be another one on the cards soon. I know it’s early stages and the group has just launched but it would be nice to for the next meet a collection or a Just Giving page we can all donate to. So we can really get the ball rolling and show the masses that we are more than media makes us out to be;



Modified to cure


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