Spotted Bradford Top Cars Meet

When I first rocked up at the Burlington Street car, the car park was pretty empty. It was tempting to just bail on the meet and go some where else. A couple of the cars had been waiting around for a while and there was the odd car driving by but not parking up. But I stuck around for a while.

Met a lovely girl racer who was in town from Wolverhampton with her rather clean looking Clio and caught up with a few friends I’d met at other meets. The general vibe was pretty chilled but the venue did look empty. As a venue it does tick some boxes, it is a decent size car park, away from peoples house so the likelihood of the police turning up is low. One thing that did let it down was lack of lighting, we were lucky in that the night was still fairly light but it was cold.

As the night rolled on, more cars turned up. The Culture Gang brought a few more cars with them and  a couple more Seats filling up the back wall. With the car park looking fuller, a few cars that drove by earlier seemed to reappear.

It was nice to see I wasn’t the only FR there, with a Skyline and a NB arriving. Both looking like drift ready cars, sporting some love taps.


There was also a some really well maintained classics, out of the two Celicas that where there this white one caught my eye.


What really got me excited was this UK spec Toyota Corolla AE86, having only seen a few of them in the flesh. When I get the chance to have a proper look, I’m not going to pass it up.  This one was in near enough mint condition, the only thing that had been updated was a window after some little fucker had smashed it.

On the whole the night wasn’t a wash out but I wouldn’t say it was one for the history books. Being bank holiday weekend, there was a lot to compete with  York Race way and the Static Royals happening on the same day and the Twisted Torque Multi story happening the next day. So I’m not sure the turn out was a fair reflection of usual turn crowd.

One thing that was pretty clear, there is some confusion between the Spotted Bradford Top Cars and the Bradford Modified Club. With the Bradford Modified Club changing their location for their next meet on the 7th of may will help separate the two. Previously both were held at Lidl’s although separate locations which I think was the cause of some it.

The real question with the Spotted Bradford Top Cars meets is, is it worth going?

If you are after a chilled meet, with good people, this one is worth shot. With the new venue it could become a great meet over the course summer. The more people give it a chance the better it will become, but only time will tell.



Spotted Bradford Top Cars;

Culture Gang;

Bradford Modified Club;

Twisted Torque;


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