Is this the end of the Misfits Collective?

For those of you who follow the Facebook group, you may have seen the settings changing and the admin posts about the group shutting down. There is a fair bit of uncertainty surrounding the future of the group.

For what started out as a small group, meeting in Cleckheaton once a week last summer, it has grown in to what is possible one of the biggest car groups in West Yorkshire. At the moment it feels like you can’t go to a car meet and not see at least one Misfits sticker. As the meets got bigger, they moved to Scs car park over in Birstal, nice big venue but this was met by complaints from the local restaurants. And the meets were getting too big so the police started to get involved.

Through a select few within the Misfits Collective, they gained a pretty bad reputation and false rumours like “if your seen at Crown point in Leeds with a Misfits Sticker on your, instant section 59” and that the police will just pull you over if they see the sticker. These rumours kind of fuelled the fire really, with having a bad reputation it drew in the wrong crowd. The admins worked hard to try and get the meets back on track, but with the police wanting to keep an eye on the group. All it takes is one idiot to ruin it for the rest.

Having heard the rumours, I wanted to check out the group for myself. So this Sunday just gone, I swung by the meet they were holding over at The Range in Hunslet. Rocking up around 7ish the car park was pretty quiet, there were some pretty loud scooter/bikes with L plates hanging out in the corner and small pockets of car spread out over the space. To be fair there wasn’t much to report, it was quiet, the people I did speak to where nice enough. It wasn’t the warmest of welcomes I’ve had but I suppose with all that’s happened over the last 12 months for the Misfits, I can’t blame them for being cautious about new people.

For me, it would be a shame for the group to disappear. There is a few ideas kicking about at the moment but nothing is set in stone. They may rebrand or set up a new group, what is clear is that for the moment the Facebook group is going to remain active, but they will no longer be hosting any meets in there name.

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