£2 too much?

Squires has been the go to place for those that love the smell of oil any time of the day. Well established with both bikers and car enthusiast’s alike, as the perfect place to meet.

In recent years it has seen the rise of the Jap night, which at its humble beginnings was a small group JDM fans meeting once a month. Much like most things in life, some would say Facebook ruined Jap night for the purists. The event became very popular, bringing not only more JDM fans but also other general car enthusiasts as well. But with any car event you always get “that car guy”, you’ve met them, the one who’s car would leave you in the dust (apparently), often saying stuff like “it would be so much faster with a fat exhaust on it”.

So as many of you have experienced Jap night can be a busy night seeing more than 100 cars attending at a time, that’s a lot of people. So when the £2 per car charge was announced there was a tidal wave of keyboard warriors throwing their toys out of the pram. Banging on about how Squires will be making a mint from the Jap night and that it is all greed, just trying to suck more cash from our wallets. And admittedly at first I thought, it probably was a play to make a little more cash but £2 per car wasn’t a bad price pay for a decent meet at a good venue.

But after speaking to Dave Marsh at Squires, I got a to see the bigger picture. Firstly Squires was providing a 20 acres site, up to 20 marshals and toilets, all for free. Yes, if you want something to eat or drink you got to copper up but that’s the same anywhere. But to say there is that amount of people attending the night it wasn’t being reflected in café sales, well not enough to pay for the marshals and the clean up crew needed afterwards any way. When you start to looking at it like that £2 per car doesn’t seem that bad. The really tipping was the fucking boy racers doing donuts on the field, not only does this destroy the grass (which then needs reseeding, more cash) but also puts other peoples cars at risk. Shit like this, is exactly why car enthusiast’s can’t have nice things. The minority ruin it for the masses.

So has the £2 charge changed the night?

For a start off it acted as a deterrent for the boy racers, seeing less of them showing up. Which can only help the atmosphere and make for a better night. Being the first proper light evening of spring helped as well. To say that there were so many butt hurt individuals ranting and raving on Facebook about how they “wouldn’t even dare go now” the Jap cars were out in force last night. As always there was plenty of MX5’s to choose from and the Evo’s had a strong showing, with this really clean looking GTR catching my eye. A little bit too much wheel gap for more taste but then I do tend lean more towards style than performance.

This great looking FD as well, admittedly not a huge fan of the shade of blue but it is a well turned out car non the less. Fitment, kit choices and the engine all looked well maintained, it is nice to see a look after car. In recent years we have seen a few things from the drift cars making it’s way on to the scene cars, I’m a firm believer in making your car your own but don’t make it something it’s not. Drift stitching your daily because it looks cool, doesn’t float my boat.

With that being said, I have no idea what to say about this mini. I mean big gay wing much?

Now up until about a week ago, I had no idea these even existed, the Honda SMX, the car before the cube. Love or hate this toaster but the reason for the design is hilarious. So as some of you may know Japan is know for it’s tiny apartments. So a major problem is that young couples don’t have enough room to have sex.

So enter the SMX, the flat bed seats and convenient side table are what make this an actual shag wagon.

While the cars are part of what make a good meet, this Jap night saw a better a crowd if you ask me and the atmosphere was help by the sun, the music and extra lighting. No one moaned about the cost and there wasn’t much of a queue to get in. This could see Jap night going from strength to strength.

I know there has been some things said on the Jap Night Facebook page and as a result Squires have launch their own Jap Night page, so if you want to stay up to date give it a like;





7 thoughts on “£2 too much?

  1. Decent turn out especially from the “evolution” group. Overall was good, only gripe is overly loud music ruined it and didn’t need to be there, it’s a car meet not a party.

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  2. As a Squires Marshal, Car fan and Photographer it was a great night, Music gave it more atmosphere, was loud but that can be sorted, the bass guys streamed it out to thousands of listeners too so great promotion for the meet.
    It was a pleasure to be a part of it and looking forward to more…Ps. Cracking review and straight to the point , just how it should be.

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  3. A few typos but reads well and explains the sutuation better.

    I have attended squire for a number of years with it being on back of my dads motorbike in my teens or now in my own car for shows or with my partner for the jap meets.

    I agree that the cost isn’t the major issue here and jap meets have been going for a long time but social media brought the crowd and made it grow but unfortunately for Squires it was the wrong kind of crowd. This isnt just at Squires this is causing a huge issue throughout all of the car scene in general, there’s always that one d**k head that ruins it for the majority which is stopping general enthusiasts from going anywhere.

    My only negative comment was the music it was way too loud and chavvy for my liking but thats a stereotype the car scene brings. It didn’t help when you are trying to discuss with your group about the cars outside the front of cafe.

    Overall it was a great night as always and i will happily attend once again.


  4. Absolutely brilliant review of the Squires Japanese Car Meet.
    It was a pleasure to marshal this event this month.
    Great cars, great people and a great atmosphere!!


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