U.K. Custom mods meet

After a short trip down the 62, I rolled up at the U.K Custom mods meet. At first glance the Morrisons is a big venue to fill, but with the nature of the car you can never really tell who’s going to show up.

Even though it was getting cold, there was a decent turnout. A decent range of cars from a couple of hot hatches right through to sleeper estates.

One thing that did surprise me was the age range. At the other meets I’ve been to there tends to be ether, a slightly older group with more powerful cars or a younger crowd with more insurance friendly cars. Having this diversity made for an interesting night.

Last nights meet was less about exhausts spitting flames and more about custom sound systems. While Chloe’s (group admin) Seat is very impressive with a great looking boot install.

The one that really surprised me was the cheeky Skoda, it brings a whole new meaning to bass in your face. As cars come, this Skoda is very unique, rocking Porsche wheels, transformer badge, some interesting neons and a sneaky remap. While it’s not to everyone’s taste, it brings a freshness that I think is much needed in the Dub scene.

It wasn’t all VAG hags, Vauxhall was well represented with some nice looking Corsa VXR’s and some tastefully Modified Astras. And even a family wagon sporting some impressive ponies under the hood.

What set the U.K Custom Mods meet apart for me, was welcoming atmosphere. Chloe one of the groups admin, was very visible wearing her branded hoodie. Which is nice to see, unless you know the organisers personally it is hard to pick them out of the crowd.
It was truly a car lovers crowd and they were happy to chat with me about anything and everything. I did get a few odd looks when I told them how far I’d traveled but in my eyes it was well worth the drive.


U.K. Custom Mods



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