Jap night virgin 

After a some what dubious two car convoy across Leeds I eventually made it to Squires Cafe. Never been before and it is in the arse end of nowhere. Which I’m sure during  the day is a peaceful chunk of green belt but last night it was a symphony of engines and exhausts.

Not sure what I was expecting but being told I could park with the master race, in the Jap section was great. Until I had to follow the 5 rules and reverse in to a parking bay. While what felt like every man and dog, watched me do a 900 point turn.

But it was all good from there on in. Walking round the vibe was so chilled, it was early on and people where still rocking up. It was nice to see Jap cars out in such force, there must have around 1oo cars there. The crowd was pretty good to. An interesting mix from families to boy racers and everything in between, even saw two dogs.

There was a great mix of cars on show, the MX5’s where out en mass and so where the Subaru’s. With the more chilled vibe it was nice just wander round and take look.

Squires, being an actual venue made a huge difference, there was good and drinks being served and staff oranising where people should be parked and just generally keeping and eye on stuff. Comparing Jap night to Modified Bradford is like chalk and cheese. This is the car culture I am looking for.

People being themselves and showing off some really unique cars.

Although my car still remains sticker free, I still appreciate the subtle nerds and their cars.

It was a shame I had to leave early, on all accounts I missed a Honda blowing an engine and a Supra popping its clutch. While it does put a smile on my face thinking about some bad man trying hard and it blowing up in their face. I do feel for them, the attention is addictive and they put so much effort in to making their car the best it can be.

Yes, I know I moaned about drivers being dicks at the Modified Bradford meet. What makes this different, is that Squires is in the arse end of no where and filled with cars guys. Not a fucking Asda car park in residential area.

If the weather is good next month, I’ll be there again.

Jap night meets first Tuesday of every month at Squires Cafe Leeds LS25 5LX



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