Modified Bradford meet

Not sure what I expected when rocking up at the meet in Bradford. For a start not a massive fan of the whole “let’s meet at Asda car park” and well let’s face it, it’s in Bradford. But I went with an open mind.

Rolling in to the car park, hearing the engines revving and the distinct sound of a sub. I admittedly was excited. This is what I’d come to see. People showing off their pride and  joy.

Not knowing anyone does make it difficult to figure out where to park. So to start off with, I was a little out of the way of the action. But after seeing some dick on a crosser with a balaclava on. I didn’t want to take the risk of my car getting damaged. So parked up in the thick of it.

It was a shame about the weather but that didn’t seem to dampen people’s enthusiasm for the cars on show. There was a great range of cars, from this bagged BMW;

To this Japfest veteran, girl racer in her beautiful example of a Gen 7 Celica. Had a great conversation about life in lift with her and reminiscing about my old Celica, great cars and a lot of fun, just not as much as the 5.

But the best in show for me, had to go to the Holden, not only are there very few on the roads but look at that engine bay. Some really good hydro dip work went in to it. Not mention the guy who owned it was fantastic to talk to. He was was more than happy to chat, turns out he was ment to go over to the Huddersfield meet that was cancelled and then back on.

I don’t know if it because I’m a grumpy old bastard or what, but if your going to nail it down a 100 yard stretch in a tight car park, filled with expensive cars your just a cunt in my eyes. Now my car is nothing special but it is still my car. I don’t want you loosing it and your engine ending up on my passenger seat.

It is shit like that, combined with the crosser dick that attract the police and make it hard for a decent British car scene to continue to grow.

I’ll still keep my eye out for the next one and give it another go but not the best meet I’ve been to.



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